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Coconut Macaroon Cake Recipe

Coconut Macaroon Cake Recipe

Good morning foodies...Today Food Recipes will discuss how to make the dry coconut macaroon cake. Delicious worth the try because of its very unusual. All parts of the coconut tree can be beneficial to humans, especially in the fruit can be used in the manufacture of food or drink, coconut water if the drink has many health benefits which can fight free radicals, increase endurance so rarely exposed to the disease, help with digestive problems, Coconut water can also be used in terms of beauty, especially the skin. Apart from the above benefits oil can also be used for the manufacture of coconut macaroon cookies example, this cake made with shredded coconut so that it will produce a savory flavor and crunchy when eaten. coconut macaroon cookies come from Austria. pastries is worth the try and make at home because it feels very special and delicious.
Here's How to Make Coconut Macaroon Cake Recipe:

Coconut Macaroon Cake Recipe
Coconut Macaroon Cake Recipe

Coconut Macaroon Cake Ingredients:

  •     800 grams sugar
  •     225 mil liters of water
  •     225 grams of glucose
  •     115g butter
  •     10 grams of salt
  •     10 grams of vanilla essence
  •     1 kg of dried grated coconut
  •     60 grams of wheat flour
  •     340 grams of chicken egg white (of 11 eggs)

How to make Coconut Macaroon Cake:

  1.   Cook the sugar, water, glucose, butter, salt, and vanilla to a boil.
  2.   Give extra dry coconut and flour, stirring until evenly
  3.   Enter the egg whites, stir until evenly distributed. Lift.
  4.   Put in a pastry bag sprayer, spray onto a baking sheet. Bake in a hot oven 220 C until golden brown.
  5.   Remove and let cool.

Young coconut is rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. But for the vitamin of the oil does not stay that there are seven kinds of vitamin C and B vitamins that nikotenik, pantothenic acid, biotin, riboflavin (B2), folic acid, thiamine (B1), pridoksin (B2). Besides coconut water is also very useful because it is low in fat and calories. So as to prevent you from weight. Amazingly, benefits and nutrients contained in the oil is able to prevent diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. Not left behind in terms of cleaning the skin, coconut water is also very effective in overcoming it. Therefore, do not wait a long time to make a coconut cake maccaroon, because one of its main ingredient is coconut. Where the coconut is also very rich will benefit, as has been explained above. Because of the wait time, you do not akam able menciptakn anything. Try and do it, especially you foodies.

Now that's how to make coconut macaroon cake, cookies can also be served as Eid or Christmas. As a sweetener mouth and your family surely look more harmonious and affectionate.

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