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Plecing Kale Recipe

Plecing Kale Recipe

Plecing kale - is Indonesian cuisine originating from Lombok and Bali. Kale kale plecing consists of boiled and served cold and fresh with tomato sauce, which is made from the chili pepper, salt, shrimp paste and tomatoes, and sometimes given droplet lime. as a companion Chicken taliwang, plecing kale is usually served with extra vegetables like bean sprouts, beans, fried peanuts, or ointment.

Kale is used for cooking is also very typical, unlike kale vegetable crops for instance prevalent in Java, but in the form of water spinach are usually planted in the river that flows by a particular method, which produces a large kale with crispy bars.

Everyone must know that his name chilli plecing kale Lombok, this is a typical food of the island of Lombok. For the people of Lombok, serving a menu of food plecing hereditary since the time of the ancestors. It is not surprising that at the roadside plecing are sold by mothers to serve as side dishes ahead of the lunch or dinner

Plecing is simple food but possessed a distinctive taste, is not difficult to make, which is the main ingredient of existing accompaniment is Kale.

Indeed, plecing kale has become a trademark of the island's culinary Taliwang besides chicken. Kale from the island in the West Nusa Tenggara province is indeed special, soft texture makes this chili kale not tasted a lot even though we eat to the trunks.

Plecing kale has a base material in the form of chunks of braised kale, sprouts, beans and fried peanuts were then given the sauce.
In this article we will discuss the steps and how to make plecing kale :

Plecing Kale Recipe
Plecing Kale Recipe

Plecing Kale Ingredients :

  • 1 bunch kale (cleaned and then cut to taste).
  • 100 grams fried peanuts.
  • 50 grams of bean sprouts (wash and then soak in warm water).
  • 2 pcs long beans (wash and then soak in warm water cut).
  • 7 pcs red chilli (roasted briefly).
  • 5 pcs cayenne pepper (to taste and burn for a while).
  • 3 cloves garlic (roasted briefly).
  • 5 pcs hazelnut (roaster).
  • 1 pc lime (for 2 portions).
  • 1 tsp shrimp paste (grilled).
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil.
  • Salt to taste.

How To Make Plecing Kale :

  1. First boil the water first and then boiled spinach not to give too wilted and salt to taste. Having looked a bit wilted spinach and kale remove and drain.
  2. How to make a spinach sauce plecing: initial coarse grind the red chilli, cayenne pepper, garlic, nutmeg, and shrimp paste, and give salt to taste. Then add a little cooking oil that has been pulverized into chili and stir until evenly distributed earlier.
  3. Next prepare a serving dish and grammar kale, fried peanuts, bean sprouts and green beans on a serving plate. Then pour the sauce on top and give pieces of lime, and serve plecing kale.

Plecing kale Lombok was ready to eat. Plecing kale is usually served with white rice warm with chicken taliwang. Good luck recipes and how to make tasty and delicious kale plecing Lombok.

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