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How to Make Chocolate Praline

How to Make Chocolate Praline

Tips And Recipes How to Make Delicious Praline Chocolate - Chocolate is the food of the world, because in almost all regions of the world to know and eat chocolate. Consumers are also infinite ages, from young to old. Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean which is said first consumed by the ancient Mesoamerican and presented in the form of beverages. Brown has also been a luxury item, even used as currency. But now, the chocolate can be found anywhere and prices vary. Well, if you are a chocolate fan? If yes, then you need to listen to a bit of information about cocoa following:

Benefits of Chocolate
Brown is believed to contain a benefit to improve our mood when you're not comfortable with the situation. Chocolate contains antioxidants which are quite high. Antioxidants contained in chocolate can slow the aging process and speed up the regeneration of cells that have died, thus preventing the free radicals in the body. Processed chocolate is often mixed with sugar, can be used as a booster stomach food when we are hungry. Brown also believed to soften and brighten the skin. Modern beauty industry often use brown to scrub and soap.

Cocoa processing
Brown can be processed into various forms of food, beverage, health and beauty products. Here we present how to process the chocolate into a practical and delicious snack. Snack made from chocolate that are often found in the market is chocolate pralines. How to make chocolate is very easy and does not require special skills. Also do not need special tools, which makes it suitable practiced in your home.

Before discussing step by step making chocolate pralines, you should first know the raw material for making chocolate pralines. Pralines or chocolate brown print is made from chocolate bars melted and poured into molds and then cooled. Chocolate bars in the market there are two kinds, namely cocoa and chocolate corverture compound. Difference between the two is that in compound chocolate, chocolate fat content less than corverture the fat content of chocolate brown (chocolate butter) high.

The price is also much different, if one kilogram of chocolate compound was US $ 2.62, then to brown corverture reach US $ 6.39. In terms of taste, many who recognize corverture brown better, because more fat than chocolate flavor legit anyway.

Above we discussed about the types of chocolate according to the fat content of chocolate. Now the types of chocolate according to taste. Generally in store baking ingredients, there are five types of chocolate according to taste, the extra dark chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate colorful. If we liked the taste of bitter chocolate, we can choose an extra dark chocolate. If we liked the blend of bitter and sweet, better to choose dark chocolate. If love is sweet and milky, choose milk chocolate, if you want to make a chocolate lollipop colorful, choose a chocolate with a variety of colors. But if we only have a dark chocolate or white chocolate chocolate alone and want to print colorful, we can add food coloring or dye pasta with fruit aroma.

Below are recipes how to make delicious chocolate pralines, here's how:

How To Make Chocolate Praline
Chocolate Praline

Tools and materials:

  • Dark chocolate low fat
  • Food coloring / dye pasta
  • Silicone molds or ice cube molds

How to Make Chocolate:

  1. Chopped chocolate bars into thin pieces and small pieces for easy to melt.
  2. Melt up to a liquid evenly, using steel bowl placed in the pan team. Try to keep the surface of the steel bowl is not exposed to boiling water.
  3. If you've seen average melt with food coloring can be added to enhance the appearance of the chocolate, and stir until evenly distributed.
  4. stuffing such as roasted peanuts, cashews, dates, blueberry jam, or the creations with a sprinkling of almonds, sesame to suit your taste.
  5. Pour into mold and chill in the refrigerator to dry evenly.
  6. Wait until dry and brown can be removed easily from the mold.
  7. order chocolate in a jar or other closed container.

The own creations of refined and brown shape that you like at home. The more often creative and see examples of other creations, of course, will raise your creations in chocolate is processed. Hopefully the above tips useful and can be applied in your home.

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