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Fried Ice Cream Recipe

Fried Ice Cream Recipe

Fried ice cream - is now gaining popularity among connoisseurs of culinary. Because the dish is synonymous with this dessert began to bloom offered a number of cafes and restaurants in Makassar, Indonesia.

This dish is synonymous with refined ice cream wrapped in dough of flour bread crumbs with variety of creative ice cream flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.
Some cafes even race enhance your appearance by providing novel combinations as mixing it with cheese, chocolate, and biscuits.
Yum Yum Cafe is one of them, this place could be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy a variety of processed fried ice cream.

Many variations of how to make ice cream that we have encountered. But not for this one. Confused right see title above? why in cooking? What melt guns? Indeed identical ice cream cold food but why be in fried identical with the heat. A combination that makes this culinary one so unique. This recipe is one of the results of innovation of the perpetrators of culinary experts.

Utilizing only one shop unit with a variety of fried ice cream various flavors, this cafe is ready to pamper your tongue while spending time with friends and relatives
Crispy-hot outside, cool-seger inside. Approximately so the sensation when eating fried ice cream. As he dipped his dark chocolate, here's how :

 Fried Ice Cream Recipe
 Fried Ice Cream

Ingredients :

  • 6 slices of bread, do not forget the peel
  • ice cream them sufficiently, depending on taste flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)
  • bread flour as needed
  • 2 eggs, and shake loose
  • strawberries or chocolate sauce (as desired)
  • right amount of oil

How To Make  Fried Ice Cream :

  1. The first method, grab an ice cream and then put them sufficiently at the top of the bread peel, then form sphere-shaped bread ice cream, do up the bread and ice cream runs out.
  2. The second, prepare the bread crumbs, flour, and whisk the eggs into a container / separate place
  3. The third step do not forget to dip the first ice cream sandwiches that have been rounded to the beaten eggs, then in the lift and roll right back into the bread crumbs until evenly distributed, dense and clinging.
  4. The fourth method, enter dough ice cream that is already in the last dip in the freezer, then let it take 15-20 minutes after freezing the dough in the freezer
  5. Heat the oil in a frying pan, and fry bread ice cream contents had to change the color or ripe
  6. then, lift and drain until dry
  7. The next step, coat fried ice cream with chocolate sauce or to taste
  8. the last step, prepare a bowl or a serving of ice cream, then split the fried ice cream in ice cream sauce coat earlier
  9. and finally ice cream is finished and ready to eat with loved ones.


Fried ice cream recipe is delicious, can be tried at home by using ingredients that can easily in addition to ice cream sauce.

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