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Cheese Stick Recipe

Written By cut hayatul wardhani on Tuesday, 11 August 2015 | 09:50

Cheese sticks - are long shaped foods crisp and has good taste. you must have been familiar with the cheese stick.
Stick cheese we often find when they wanted ahead of Eid and the show home with a great family event.

Are you a fan of food that tastes delicious? Often confused what to eat snacks in leisure time or while watching a favorite TV show or movie? If friends, including the criteria above, then I recommend to always provide Cheese Stick Cheese or also known as the cheese sticks at home. In addition to the savory and delicious taste, small enough shape also makes pastries is one of the tasty snacks for friends to relax at home.

Not just for friends to relax at home or enjoy tea and coffee, crispy cheese sticks is also one cake widths are usually always in a jar jar living room. Well suited to accompany Nastar, Kastengel and other Eid cakes. There are many variations of this tasty snacks, such as cheese sticks recipe spinach, grilled cheese stick or even that already has a name and a lot of fans, such as cheese sticks kartika recipe cider, cheese sticks or other NCC. But next time I will invite friends to create their own recipes crispy fried cheese sticks.

History cheese stick - although to date there is no definite evidence of cheese making when first performed, Cheese is an ancient food that already exists and produced since prehistoric times. Public pre-history when it left the nomadic lifestyle and start switched professions to become breeders of goats, cows, and sheep.

With the raising of life, people slowly began to recognize the milk and usefulness. Day by day, the milk supply is increasing, so people started to store them in a vessel of wood or clay.

Since that time people pay less attention to hygiene, milk stored in the container is not directly exposed to sunlight or exposed to heat of fire. Then, the milk becomes very acidic and viscous.

Once tasted, the milk is still edible. For the first time man finds cheese sour cream. As with the discovery of sweet cream cheese. In the source wikipedia, there are two legends that tell about how humans find this type of cheese.

The first is to tell there are some hunters who were killed a calf. They ripped open the belly of the cow and. What a surprise, they found a white something and after tasted, has a very nice feel.

This is due to an enzyme called rennet is in the cow's stomach. So it becomes condensed milk and cheese disebutlah until now.

The second story says that the cheese was first discovered by the nomadic Arabs in the Middle East. At that time wanderers traveling in the middle of the desert with a horse. He brought the milk in the saddle as the provision of day-to-day.

Some time later, he stopped his journey to drink milk carries. Milk release turned out to be water and clumps of pale white in it.

It is also due to the saddle that he used to contain the enzyme rennet remember saddle made from the stomach of animals. The combination of hot weather, a material made from rennet and shocks during the ride that he has turned the milk into cheese.

Since then, people used to make cheese rennet enzyme.
In addition to materials to be prepared very easily once in the can, how to make Cheese Recipe cheese sticks are also very easy. Friends do not need to be an expert in cooking. Even young women or young mothers unusual cooking will easily make your own. Appliance cooking appliance can use a tool commonly used tools every day at home.
This way of making cheese sticks:

Cheese Stick Recipe
Cheese Stick Recipe

Material :

  • 200 grams of cake flour
  • 100 grams of steamed potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons finely potato flour / cornstarch
  • 2 eggs
  • 30 grams of margarine
  • 75 grams grated cheese
  • 6 red onions, crushed (optional) that I like cheese stick keep no garlic aroma 
  • 1 teaspoon chicken bouillon powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)
  • 1/2 teaspoon confectioners' sugar
  • 1-2 tablespoons of dried chilli (according to taste spicy)

How to make :

  1. Stir all ingredients until clotted. Do not be in such a strong grind to make donuts ya can semua.nanti hard and clay dough. Stir just enough light to clotted.
  2. Trimmed in milled noodles, ranging from large holes to fit a narrow hole thickness of the dough tastes. Cut lengths. If I like cheese stick a little bit bigger, so I cut manually with a knife, after the dough in milled so finely made sheets of noodles mill.
  3. Fried cheese sticks that have been cut into pieces until cooked and crispy.
  4. Store in a jar when it is cold.
  5. Then ready your meal with loved ones


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