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Biryani Rice Recipe

Biryani Rice Recipe

Biryani rice is food that comes from Persia (Iran). Classified as a main meal or main course and usually served as a menu lunch or dinner at various parts of the world. Today the population of the Middle East, India, Pakistan, is very familiar with these foods. Biryani Rice consists of the main ingredient, is typically used basmati rice (Indian rice), with chicken or mutton, beef, eggs, shrimp, and even vegetables. Seasoning biryani core consists of a variety of spices herb powder usually consists of coriander, turmeric, red pepper (optional), ginger, black pepper, cloves, garlic, cinnamon, kapolaga. Today do not bother to concocting a biryani spices, seasonings racik because it is available in packs. I'm new to the rice biryani after living in Saudi Arabia. Makes it very difficult, I often failed to follow a variety of biryani rice recipe instructions, until finally "can as usual" I formulate its own way is a bit different from the recipes are usually in the manufacture of biryani rice. Maybe the chef biryani rice will laugh my way, for example in the processing of chicken or meat, usually the direct chef cook with herbs biryani ... while I was separated by boiling chicken or meat separately from the main seasoning .... In this case the important to me that in this way can present sufficient rice biryani refresentatip both appearance and taste have entered biryani rice standards. knowing many - times to make rice biryani and when served criticized it feels not like nasi biryani ... waaa. This time I invite makes Chicken Biryani Rice, here's how:

Biryani Rice Recipe
Biryani Rice Recipe

The main ingredient :

Chicken of the tail cut into 4 parts, discarded skin, then boiled in plenty of water spiked with a small piece of cinnamon, some kapolaga whole fruit, whole red onion, salt. Boil chicken until quite soft. Separate the chicken from the broth. Basmati rice soaked enough about a quarter of an hour in the natural temperature of the water.


  • Several pieces of finely sliced ​​red onion.
  • Some finely chopped tomatoes.
  • Several pieces of garlic chopped fine.
  • Finely sliced ​​ginger.
  • Seasoning biryani packaging.
  • Yoghurt Cream.
  • Kewra Water (Water Kadi)

Finishing materials:

Saffran to paint the yellow rice.
Fried red onions and sliced ​​mint leaves

How To Make Biryani Rice:

  1. Sauté onion until yellow packaging, and insert slivers of garlic and ginger. Stir in the tomatoes, and let it juicy.
  2. Enter biryani spices to taste, then add a little water youghurt and kewra. After stir to form a solid seasoning, to taste, if necessary, add salt to taste.
  3. Add chicken boiled into a solid seasoning, reduce the heat and cover the pot. Cooking rice: Take another pot and put rice that has been soaked, washed and drained, into the pot, add water about one segment of the index finger, then add a little salt and one or two tablespoons of water kewra. Bring to a boil and cook rice. After the water is running out, reduce the heat and cover the pot, until the rice is mature enough.
  4. Take a bowl, pour a little saffran with a teaspoon of water, then take two or three large scoops of rice and stir so that the rice becomes yellow.
  5. Take another bowl pour the rice two or three large spoon and add the garnish in the form of fried onions and sliced ​​mint leaves, stirring until the rice is mixed so onion and mint leaves.
  6. Pour the leftover white rice having taken two bowl on top of the pot (still hot) into a pot of spiced chicken biryani.
  7. Chicken pot is now covered by the rice, and then pour the rice bowl mixed with fried onions and sliced ​​mint leaves. Cover the pan so that the rice absorbs fragrant chicken biryani. Let the small fire approximately 10 minutes. 9. biryani rice is ready to be served on a plate. Tata white rice at the bottom, then lift the chicken with seasoning solid, and set rice sprinkled with onions and yellow rice, resulting in a blend of rice and chicken attractive as chicken biryani rice.

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