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Orange Lassy Recipe

Orange Lassy Recipe

Orange Lassy RecipeOrange is one of the fruits rich in vitamin C, and not just the fruit of this one also also contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and phosphorus were excellent in consumption for health. Some important benefits of consuming citrus fruits, among others, can increase the body's resistance to various diseases, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and good for skin health. Orange Lassy, not drink slacker but fresh drinks are preferred people. practically make and delicious to drink.

Orange Lassy is one menu cafe-style drinks are quite unique and challenging. When other drinks menu using ingredients of citrus (orange) as supplementary material, or if it is used as the main ingredient is usually "only" in the form of an orange flavor alone, but not so with this Lassy orange.

In the beverage composition Lassy is actually composed of several citrus flavors along with their derivatives. Supposing this Lassy orange collect some oranges in a beverage. So that the aroma and taste to be so unique. There is a slightly acidic flavor, sweetness and very refreshing.

And because it consists of several oranges, then of course this Lassy orange drink is rich in vitamins and good for health.

Benefits of Citrus Fruits for Health

Petrified Digestive system
Fibers contained in oranges, could be used to help your digestive system smoothly. So if mengkosumsi orange with routine, then you are guaranteed to always CHAPTER ON.

Help Appetite
If you or your child are themselves lack the appetite of normal people. Then you can use citrus fruits as appetite enhancer.

Improve Immune
Vitamin C contained in citrus fruits, can help to boost immunity and avoid any disease that will attack your body.

Preventing Cancer
Several studies have proven many citrus fruit has many benefits, one of them in Australia, all those researching orange it can prevent cancer dikarena oranges are rich in vitamin C.

Source of Potassium
Potassium (potassium) contained in oranges, otherwise could to help lower high blood pressure and can help the health of the rest of the body, especially the heart. Osteoporosis is a bone that lack of potassium. So, with orange mengkosumsi routinely can also act to prevent osteoporosis.

Eliminating Thrush
Slightly acidic taste of oranges, can help to cure people who are sariawanan.

Preventing Diabetes
Fiber is found in citrus fruits, menga

so very good if these beverages for consumption.   from in to the cafe, better make yourself at home.

Orange Lassy for 4 servings Ingredients, How To Make Orange Lassy
Orange Lassy

Orange Lassy for 4 servings Ingredients

• 1 packet orange jelly
• 600 ml of water
• 5 tablespoons granulated sugar
• 1 piece of Sunkist oranges, peeled, cut into pieces
• 5 tablespoons orange concentrate
• 5 tbsp lemon yogurt
• 200 ml of boiled water
• ice cubes to taste

How To Make Orange Lassy 

1. take jelly, then mix 500 ml of lukewarm water and add sugar.
2. then cook until boiling, then in lift
3. continue to pour into the place that has been provided so chewy
4. prepare blender and citrus enter sukist, boiled water, add ice cubes, blend until smooth
6. Pour into a glass that has been prepared and ready to serve
7. safely enjoy

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