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Iced Coffee Float Recipes

Iced Coffee Float Recipes

Iced Coffee Float Recipes - Resto-style drink is undoubtedly very good indeed and surely make you addicted. But if often hang out in the cafe in order to enjoy a delicious coffee float, long may go bankrupt hahaha. Ceramic by making it yourself at home. The material is easy and cheap but it's definitely good. Please try.

Liwa, Lampung Barat, 23/8 (ANTARA) - Ice civet coffee into a typical drink to break the fast in West Lampung, Indonesia.
"Iced coffee Float into a new beverage during fasting, coffee made iced drinks, have a delicious flavor, but it can help to restore stamina after fasting," said Siti Mahmuda (34) resident of Village Way Confessing, District Balikbukit, West Lampung, approximately 273 kilometers from Bandarlampung Monday.
He explained, ice civet coffee has a distinctive taste, as long as it is presented or brewed with hot water, but now mixed with crushed ice which has its own peculiarities.
Then, he added, more delicious iced coffee mongoose and probably efficacious if the added honey.
"When I make iced coffee civet, I add the honey mixture, so the flavor is more delicious ice once more nutritious," said Siti again.
He explained that the price of civet coffee is more expensive to make drink specials.
Meanwhile, local people believe drinking iced coffee Luwak can restore stamina after fasting, besides ice Luwak coffee will be more efficacious when added honey, the resulting flavor will be more enjoyable.
Innovation various grain-based coffee civet, growing, besides public ice civet coffee civet coffee also made puddings, ice cream civet coffee, and some other types of beverages.
West Lampung into civet coffee producing areas even the best quality in the world, with the potential, making the district as the largest civet coffee producing areas nationwide.

Head of Industry Trade and Market West Lampung regency, Zukri Amin said, the potential for civet coffee is able to be created into a quality product.
"Kopi Luwak can be no West Lampung coffee products that can provide opportunities for people, good drinks are also food, and people can mengkreasinya, so the coffee commodity can vary," he said.
He expects, people can read the opportunities will be processed raw material civet coffee.

Iced Coffee Float Recipes
Ice Coffe Float

Iced Coffee Float Ingredients 

  • 2 tablespoons Instant Coffee,
  • 6 scoop vanilla ice cream,
  • 500 ml cold milk white liquid,
  • Chocolate powder, hot water,
  • ice Cube.

How to Make Iced Coffee Float

1. Pour instant coffee use hot water as much as 2 tablespoons.
2. Mix cold milk with a solution of instant coffee and 1 scoop vanilla ice cream.
3. Blend until well blended and frothy.
4. enter into the glass and add 1 scoop vanilla ice cream into each glass.
5. add the cocoa powder on top of the ice cream.
6. Iced Coffee Float serve immediately

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