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Prol Tape Cheese Recipes

Prol Tape Cheese Recipes

Tape Prol Cheese Recipes - Tape Prol Cheese Recipes Can Make Easy Way With Baked or steamed. Make some friends who do not like to cook, make a cake may be regarded as a troublesome and difficult job. Not to mention the usual means of tools needed to make a good cake recipe that many strange and bizarre. Maybe it is true, but it really is not all that cake recipe how to make difficult. One of the most is the recipe Prol Tape Cheese or usually also called tape cheese cake. Although I make prol tape is very easy and simple, but the problem is no less sense compared with another cake. Additionally, the tools and ingredients to make prol tape is also easy and simple recipes. in addition to baked goods, we can also make prol tape steamed by using the same ingredients with the grilled version which we will create later.

Tape Cake recipe is one of the traditional recipes of our country that you know how to make it quite simple and easy. Unlike most other cookie recipes that require a mixer for mixing the batter, this time we will make the recipe prol tape with cheese toppings on top of it without using a mixer. For mixing ingredients used prol tape recipe requires only our own hands, just as how to make donuts we've shared. Of course this process should really be considered so that the tape prol cookie dough finished result really soft as expected.

Flour which we will later use to make cheese recipe prol tape should also be screened in advance so that the dough can later smooth and there are no lumps of flour clumps in the middle of the cake after so. Of course, as a main ingredient, a tape that was prepared to be really ripe. Do not use tape singkomh which are still hard to make prol tape because of the texture and taste will definitely be changed. If the used tape is already sweet, sugar use can be tailored to our tastes. In addition to baked goods, recipes below can also prol tape to make steam without any change in substance or how to make it. Stay during the process of ripening using pot steamed as usual. For more details, please see how to create prol tape and tape cake ingredients of what is needed below.

Recipe ingredients Prol tape Steamed or Grilled Cheese

  • As the name suggests, this tape cake recipe using the main ingredient in the form of a tape made of cassava yanag of approximately 600-620 grams. Use a good quality tape that has been cooked so that the results are more legit and delicious.
  • Wheat flour having a protein content being approximately as much as 140 grams. Sift the flour before it is used so that the results are not perfect sodden and soft.
  • Salt that has iodine content moderation or approximately as much as a small spoon (or to taste).
  • Margarine good quality of approximately 100 grams. Heat margarine prior to melt so easily when mixed with other dough.
  • White granulated sugar to add sweetness in cake recipes prol the tape of approximately 150-160 grams. Can be reduced if the tape is used've really sweet.
  • Chicken eggs as many as eight large-sized grains. 6 eggs to mix the dough and 2 points to take yellow part only spreads to the top of the cake before it is sprinkled with grated cheese.
  • Liquid milk or cow's milk can also use ready-made instant of approximately 200 ml.
  • Good quality cheddar cheese to taste (more or less as much as 140 grams or can be added if you like) to mix the dough (approximately 100 grams) and sprinkles on the cake the tape later (approximately 40 grams). Grate the cheese in advance so that easy as the process of making the tape prol later.
 Prol Tape Cheese Recipes
 Prol Tape Cheese Recipes

How to Make Cheese prol Tape Without Mixer

  1. Take the first step to a dough container size is large enough. Take cassava that have been prepared and squeeze squeezed while sprinkled with sugar and salt in prepared above (so really mixed perfectly) until it is completely destroyed, flat and smooth texture. Do not forget to throw axes cassava which usually are in the middle of the tape.
  2. Insert one at a time, stirring until it is completely flat 6 eggs in the upper ingredients.
  3. Pour the flour that has been prepared while stirring mix with the other ingredients until it is completely flat and finished flour.
  4. Insert the prepared liquid milk and cheese 140 scars and stir stir until all ingredients are well blended true.
  5. Enter the margarine that has been previously melted and stir stir again with the above batter ingredients until it completely blended and smooth dough.
  6. Prepare a baking sheet that will be used and do not forget the bottom smeared a little margarine and coated papers that are not sticky buns in loyangnya and easily removed when ripe.
  7. Pour batter prol tape above the already dull over a baking sheet and put in the oven with a temperature of approximately 180-190 degrees to the cooking time for about 19-21 minutes.
  8. Remove the tape from the cake in the oven and spread bagain topped with egg yolk so that the color is gorgeous later and then sprinkle with the grated cheese on top.
  9. Reinsert the tape prol pan and bake again until it is completely cooked (for about 27-30 minutes or can be pierced by a stick to determine the maturity of the inside). Remove and place on a plate dish.
  10. really quite simple and fast is not how to make prol tape above. Unlike other cookie recipes, recipe Grilled Cheese Prol Tape does not require a mixer to make it, so it is well suited for friends who happen again learn to cook and do not have a complete cookware at home. In addition to baked goods, Prol Tape above recipe can also be steamed with a steamer pan usual and it was still good and the texture is also very soft inside. For the topping ingredients can also use raisins, chocolate granules or other ingredients to taste. 

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