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Healthy Dinner Recipes

Healthy Dinner Recipes

Healthy Dinner Recipes - Dinner is often a time that we look forward to. Dining with a relaxed and warm with family or loved ones, or gathering with friends. But do not select any menu dinner.

One select menu dinner can make you full, obesity and insomnia. Probably because too much sugar or caffeine we consume. Protein and kerbohidrat who met in a dish can also make our digestive burden even heavier.

But do not worry, Vemale will share the secrets of the food menu can still be tolerated as the dinner menu. Here are some recommendations for a healthy dinner.

Here is 10 Menu for Healthy Dinner Recipes
Healthy Recipes

Here is 10 Menu for Healthy Dinner Recipes


This refreshing and green vegetables contain a lot of fiber. It can help you full faster. Serve in lettuce salad because the food that belongs to the 'zero calories'. So, guaranteed not to make you fat. This suitable for your Dinner with Healthy menu.

Clear soup

Make it clear soup of vegetables and can also be of stew bones. Soup of this kind can provide energy. Better at night than the type of clear soup broth is thick and contains a lot of flavor. Grow vegetables and less meat and poultry. Vegetable soup also makes digestion more smoothly than the soup thick and contain a lot of fat.

Lean meat

Choose meat that is not attached to fat tissue, meat is more useful as well and a good dinner menu for those who want to lose weight. You need protein in your dinner menu.


Plants are still a family with chili, giving the benefits of anti-oxidants in your diet. Besides low-calorie, including the type of seasoning paprika, more healthful than the chilli and pepper. Add peppers in your diet can also enrich the aroma and flavors.


You can use the menu beans in a salad or your favorite curry. These foods provide energy supply despite low calorie. Can also be a good source of fiber for your health. Eating beans helps you stay fuller for a more normal level than when you're stuffed to eat.

You can choose regular tofu or tofu. Both are good sources of protein. Suitable for those who are vegetarian and do not eat meat. Because this menu to meet the needs of protein for your body without making you fat. Besides tofu, you can also eat tempeh and soy are still a family, soy foods.


Among the many green vegetables, vegetable broccoli is much sought after by people. It does not seem bitter and low in calories. The menu is suitable for your dinner as anti-oxidants and healthy supplies in the evening. Broccoli at night can overcome your desire to snack because vegetables taste sensation this one.

Low-fat cheese

If you long for the cheese, you can choose low-fat cheese as one additional dinner menu. Indeed, there is still fat, but calcium can help you strengthen your bones. Cheese also makes food taste even more delicious and yummy. During the portion within reasonable limits, cheese will not make you fat. cause this reason Low-fat cheese suitable for yours healthy dinner menu.

Spanish onion

Red onions should be included in your diet, not only to taste, but the content of selenium can help you sleep better at night. Moreover, the cuisine was not complete without the onion.

Fish or chicken on the grill, the protein content is richer and tastes better. When the grill, fish and poultry fat of autumn and usually also decreases. But give the seasoning to taste and avoid the use of high-fat sauces. That way you will not feel guilty after spending a portion of chicken grill preferences.

There is a few menu for your Healthy Dinner Recipes I hope you can make it, you can enjoy it and you can win it ;) 

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