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Black Forest Recipes

Black Forest Recipes

Black Forest  Recipes - Formula how to make this cake wearing whipped cream so economical and also without steamed so much easier.
The original name of Germany's popular dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte aka Black Forest cherry torte. It is known by different names in different parts of world.All know this cake has a delicious flavor but also looks elegant but also very simple to make. And I will share the recipe with you today, I promise. I first made this recipe for Thanksgiving black forest and was a huge success !.
Recipes Black Forest Black Forest Simple Recipes
Everyone loved it, what a wonderful world and how delicious taste. This cake turned out better than I expected and it looks like I bought from the bakery. I will make again, for sure !!!! and a recipe or how to make a simple Gentle Black Forest specials below.

Black Forest   Recipes
Black Forest  

Ingredients BlackForest  Recipes :

100 grams of flour, sifted first
1 tablespoon cornstarch, sifted first
3 tablespoons cocoa powder, sifted first
8 pieces of chicken egg yolk
5 pieces of chicken egg white
150 grams of sugar
25 cc of liquid butter
25 cc rhum (should use, may not)
200 grams of whipped cream powder
400 cc of cold milk
1 kg Blackcherry
200 grams of cooking chocolate

How to Make BlackForest gently :

- First Blend eggs and sugar until thick.
- Further Enter the flour mixture and chocolate and stir stir until blended.
- Enter the melted butter little by little, stirring until smooth.
- Then Pour into 20cm round baking dish that has been spread with margarine and sprinkled with flour.
- Then Bake in a hot oven at 180 Celsius for 45 minutes / until cooked, remove and let cool.
- Now you Cut the cake and drizzle by each surface with rhum
- Blend whipped cream with cold milk to form a cream, apply to parts of the cake, give black cherry, cups back.
- Apply also on the entire surface of the cake decoration.
- Cooking Grate chocolate, refrigerate 15 minutes, sprinkle on the cake, decorate with cherry fruit.
- Last Chill in the fridge, so that the whipped cream does not melt. Recipes Black Forest finished up here.

no one if you really do that with how to create a simple steamed cake above, surely the result will be soft and specials when the economic capital with 290 Kcal calories. This cake will usually be suitable for anniversary events, particular events, etc., but you also would not hurt if you want to make this cake while relaxing with his family at home. soo so so when you want to try this recipe soft black forest ?.

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