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Special Nastar Cakes Recipes

Special Nastar Cakes Recipes

Special Nastar Cakes Recipes - Cake recipes that Nastar Delicious Soft Padded also definitely renyah.cara how to make the contents of pineapple cake is not difficult, in contrast with the form of the basket, of course all like the nastar, how to make this cake complicated times huh ?. Nahhh it's just in your mind just was easy to make a cake that is the result tables. want to know the secret ?

Nastar cake or ananas and taart (Dutch) is a small pastry stuffed pineapple jam on top of decorated pieces of raisins or dried cloves also, of course, is one of the best options to serve the guests if there are come to the house on the day of Eid, Christmas and Chinese New Year also.

pastries It looks pretty and plain, comprise many calories (especially cheese reproduced), especially if you use butter cream Cake Recipe Nastar that this specialty, which makes it more savory cake. Nastar cake can be durable for long enough, as long as we / you store it in a cool place and in tightly sealed container temperature, you can keep the cake nastar for months if you want, but in all cases the house, cookie / cake is very quickly disappeared / runs in the stomach because it is very tasty.
Of easy tuk practice how to make Cake Nastar, to make dough and filled with pineapple jam, expected you only need one hour. And bake time is approximately stengah hours, so you will get this cake in a mature state about us in 1 1/2 hours.

Nastar Cakes

The main ingredients of cake nastar :

4 pieces of chicken egg yolk
1/2 kg of flour brand any
1/2 kg of butter butter or margarine
100 grams of refined sugar
1 packet of vanilla powder
100 grams of cheese Gouda or chedar
2 yolks tuk smear
cinnamon to taste
50 grams of raisins

Cake Recipe Ingredients pineapple jam Nastar :

> 1 fresh pineapple fruit
> 300 grams sugar

Procedures for Pastry Dough Nastar

- Mother prepared baking sheet and then rubbed margarine
- Now shake four egg yolks, then campurkanlah refined sugar and butter until fluffy
- Then insert also grated cheese into the dough
- Then put the flour and vanilla
- Finally stir stir until dough can be rounded off by hand

How to make pineapple jam :

- Mother / sis fresh pineapple fruit peeled and grated
- Then the mother enter granulated sugar and cook until cooked and thickened right
- Well Now mother used to chill the dough until it can be made round (small)

How to make Cake Nastar

- The first Once done is round ping-pong ball sized dough Cakes
- Then enter the dots pineapple jam into it account after it closes tightly.
- Then chopped raisins into 4 small pieces, put a piece of raisins on top of the cake nastar.
- Then rub the surface of the cake nastar with chicken egg yolk.
- Finally nastar above stacking cake pan and then input to smb Oven, grilled / roasted until cooked. finished, yes Recipes Cake Nastar

But you / mother / sis must be patient when making pineapple jam first, if not want complicated to buy ready-made course, so that time can be shortened, hopefully your business can succeed and that crisp pastry.

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