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Kastengel special recipes

Kastengel special recipes

Kastengel special recipes - Kastengel special recipe with the results crispy. How to make dishes Kastengel cheese pastry is very very simple, all complete here.

Innovation and creativity can flourish form, but for the cookie dough recipe has not changed much. like cakes Kastengel, cakes Nastar and Tongue Cat. which is important in these cookies product only in the use of butter. Especially for a product Kastengel, the role of butter and cheese, which is more important. The use of butter to make cheese cake has a dominant flavor and crunchy texture. But in making Kastengel cake recipe, use butter should also be combined with margarine. When cake Kastengel use 100% butter and not margarine mixed, cake texture will be more fragile and easily broken.

Each chef bread has a different composition in the use of butter Kastengel. For Kastengel, Many recipes using butter and margarine with a 4:1 ratio. role butter never changed composition for prioritizing either the mother or the reader kualitas.ok sis note recipes and how to make a special Eid Kastengel her.

Kastengel special recipe for cake cheese specials lebaranDengan Kastengel widths

Kastengel special recipe

The main ingredients of Kastengel special recipes  :

175 grams of cake flour, low-protein flour
125 grams of butter / butter
100 grams of edam cheese, grated to powder
2 yolks
50 grams of soluble cheddar cheese
1 egg yolk for decoration.

How to make Kastengel Special Eid :

- First of all mother / sis Campurkanlah butter and egg yolks until blended correctly.
- Furthermore, if it is well blended, put edam cheese, stir again until blended well.
- Then put the flour, stir stir until it can dipulung.
- The next step rollers and printing.
- The last Olesilah cake with egg yolk and sprinkle with cheddar cheese then bake well at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius approximately 20 minutes or until done. it's done

Kastengel cake flavor will be more crisp, tasty and not too salty, snack typical widths are suitable tuk presented to guests who visit. while the beautiful ornaments will be wrapped by cheddar cheese on top, how to make Cake recipe you should try this in the kitchen each. thank've read this Special Kastengel recipe.

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