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Grilled Fish Recipe

Grilled Fish Recipe

Recipe Grilled Fish with Spicy Yellow tasty seasoning. how to make grilled fish yellow indigo / cake / mackerel etc, complete discussed step by step that would result tasty and savory. please read thoroughly in this blog recipes, guaranteed no trouble. When the event gather with close friends / friends or family, will be added very familiar if in our midst there is something special wah, for example food. Well burn Grilled fish is one of the activities suited to be together, in addition to the results good, food processing or cooking time even this would bring a different situation in our midst, a sense of the familiar family will be felt, so more fluid alone atmosphere. Recipes and let's see how to make this yellow spice grilled fish.

Grilled Fish Recipe

Recipe Grilled Fish, Grilled Fish Recipe Yellow Yellow Spicy seasoning

The main flavoring ingredient :

3 tails Fish Cakes 
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt

Ground spices Grilled Fish Recipe :

> 5 points Pecan, roasted first
> 5 cloves of garlic
> 3 cm turmeric, burned first
> 3 pieces Cayenne pepper (to taste)
> 1/4 teaspoon pepper powder
> 1/4 teaspoon seasoning
> 2 tablespoons cooking oil
> 1/2 teaspoon salt

Procedure Make Grilled Fish Yellow :

- First of all fish lumurilah (Cakes / Indigo / mackerel) with lemon and salt, let stand a few minutes.
- Furthermore, if have enough time, rinse again with clean water fish and fish spices coat it evenly.
- So readers, Please grilled fish until cooked, Glory
In Recipe Spicy Grilled Fish Yellow reply is indeed no shortage of spicy sauce that is not included, but we make sure that you can make a sauce that is more palatable to fish dish this time, Read also Gurame Fish Grill. There are a few tips that candidates grilled fish can take any kind of fish (carp, pomfret, tilapia, cakes, mackerel, Grouper, bloating, etc.) according to taste or that there is, then the seasoning is also not only to be burned, but can be baked in an oven so you are free to do the experiment. Good luck practicing Yellow Spicy Grilled Fish Recipe is, good luck.

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