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Dorayaki Traditional Japanese Cake Recipe

Dorayaki Traditional Japanese Cake Recipe

Dorayaki Traditional Japanese Cake Recipe - Traditional Japanese Cake Recipes Simple dorayaki. Pancake wet cake is popular in Indonesia thanks to Doraemon, let's find out how to make this dorayaki Japanese pancake.

Dorayaki cake may be foreign to some ears, but for those who are watching animated cartoon Doraemon surely know, this article he loves the cake dorayaki until exhausted decades when eating fruit, with a round shape like a gong and a soft texture and sweetness as in recipe cakes original dorayaki, the dough is mixed with honey and two pieces of cake is combined with red bean paste in the middle given (azuki) .Terbayang not taste like? ok for the curious turned out to be quite easy also how to make cakes are typical dorayaki Traditional Japanese cherry country.


Traditional Japanese Cake Recipe dorayaki Original

Cake Recipe Cakes DorayakiResep original Japanese dorayaki
Delicious cakes sweet and gentle fit with the tongue of Indonesia, because a lot of similarities with Indonesian pancakes, try to look at the picture above, do not ?, on the origins of this original Japanese pancake please read here, hopefully I make this cake Doraemon's favorite dorayaki quite helpful.

dorayaki cake ingredients:

300 grams of flour triangle
400 ml of liquid milk
2 1/2 tablespoons melted butter (any brand)
3 eggs
50 grams of sugar
50 ml honey
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla powder

Stuffing Recipes Cake for dorayaki:

- Moderation brown / brown Meses / (cheese or peanut butter / whatever)

How to make Cake dorayaki :

- First mix all the dry ingredients and chicken eggs.
- Then add a little bit of liquid milk, stirring, stirring until blended.
- Then insert the melted butter.
- Rest dorayaki cookie dough for 1 hour or until the dough is frothy.
- Then heat the mold (mold apem / small skillet) over medium heat.
- If it is hot, please Reduce the heat (the smallest). Then pour a spoonful of vegetable mixture, press with a ladle.
- Slanjutnya exaggerated fire (medium heat), then press the dough cake with a ladle. Close, check ripeness (brownish), lift. Reduce heat again tuk next batter.
Presentation of cake:
Take one cake layer dorayaki, while heat basting butter, then sprinkle meses and cheese. then grab one layer again, and cups. Doraemon's favorite Japanese cake ready to eat.

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