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Cake Linzer Cookies Recipes

Cake Linzer Cookies Recipes

This cake is unique, can be used as a cake for Eid how to make these cookies and how to shape this cake ?. Linzer cookies can be anything, whether it's a donut shape, heart or whatever, as long as a hole in the middle to put the jam. The hallmark of this cake is very fragile. He would quickly fall apart once entered into the mouth and mingling with saliva. Linzer Cookies Recipe Cakes made in Linz, Austria in the 17th century, Linzer Torte torte recipe is the oldest in the world. This Tortes using beans instead of flour as the main dough ingredients. In the 19th century, Linzer torte adapted to the present into Linzer Cookies. Linzer cookies using the same dough recipe with Linzer tortes and can be filled with raspberry, strawberry jam etc. RESEP4 know that the admin. above this cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar, has a round cut known as "Linzer eyes." Linzer Cookies Cakes Ingredients may vary based on availability. Substitute almond, nuts such as hazelnuts can replace make Linzer dough.

Linzer cookies

ingredients Cakes :

500 grams of butter
250 grams of sugar
625 grams of wheat flour
125 grams of hazelnut powder
5 grams of baking powder
100 grams of egg whites
Strawberry jam taste for stuffing

How to make Cake Linzer Cookies

- First Beat sugar and butter using a mixer until smooth and well blended sugar
- Then enter the chicken egg white and stir again until blended.
- Next prepare a separate bowl, campurkanlah all dry ingredients together and mix well.
- Then slowly enter the flour mixture into the cake batter until all blended.
- You prepared baking pan that has been lined baking sheet.
- Put the mixture into plastic piping bag and make the dough to form small spheres. Press the center of the cake with a finger to make a hole.
- And Fill the hole in center with strawberry jam.
- The final step bake 15-20 minutes until the edges turn brown

Finish, hope you can enjoy it friends :)

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