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Bake Chocolate Brownies recipes

Bake Chocolate Brownies recipes

Bake Chocolate Brownies recipe that good. This time I will give way to bake brownies with roasted way, if the antecedent steamed, please see below as I have written before. Dr taste this cake already know dong, but the basic recipe brownies never changed, since the 100-san last year. Well Over time, brownies cake Wherever heavily modified with various flavors, for example; cheese brownies, strawberries, bananas, beans, blueberries, coffee, and others. continue the way this cake Wherever growing process such as the steamed brownies.

Baked Brownies Recipe Baked Chocolate Brownies recipe that good
Well Recipes Baked Chocolate Brownies keep bringing materials steamed cake as usual models, namely flour, sugar, butter, chocolate, eggs that had been melted down, as well as almonds and walnuts can be replaced, while the end of the process in the roast. continue that needs to be remembered that this baked brownies can last longer if stored in a tightly closed container reply. but not included in the refrigerator due to be dried later, but the reader can store it in the freezer because the cake will hold 4 to 6 months.


The main ingredient brownies:

120 grams of flour, any brand.
3 eggs, beaten until fluffy well.
200 grams of margarine.
200 grams of dark cooking chocolate, -dipotong-piece first.
150 grams of sugar.
60 grams of almonds or walnuts pieces.
1/4 teaspoon salt.

  How to Make Baked Brownies

- First Heat the margarine until melted.
- Then enter the pieces of chocolate (brown), salt, stir until chocolate melts completely. Remove and let cool.
- Then you Take a frying pan, blend the eggs until fluffy.
- Then enter the dough mixture of flour and sugar into beaten eggs gradually, stirring constantly stirring disposable spatula until blended correctly.
- Keep up pour margarine, chocolate and sugar that has been melted down into a chicken egg mixture. stir-stir.
- Then add the pieces of almonds or walnuts. Stir well blended.
- One after another by pouring the mixture onto a baking sheet lined with baking paper which tlah and also spread with margarine, and blend.
- Now's the Time toping, you sprinkle it with sliced almonds.
- Last Step, baked brownies Cake dough in an oven at 170 D Celsius heat, for 45 minutes / until brownies cooked. Lift and finishes.

Well now you / mother Cut brownies baked according to taste and serve. How do you think the cake recipe Bake Brownies with Chocolate flavor this? quite easy and simple right ?, if you scrupulously follow the steps here there is no obstacle which means when to do it and the result is quite perfect, Well there are a few tips on Brownies Recipe Bake this cake mature tuk know whether or not, with piercing cake with a stick or skewer teeth. If the stick was appointed there was no reply wet dough stick, meaning that the cake has / have matured. Please Read also how to make brownies Steamed Us. Well readers Baked Chocolate Brownies Recipe Hopefully this becomes your favorite.

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