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Recipe Banana Sale

Recipe Banana Sale

In general, there are several ways make banana sale, among others:

Sale bananas are created using smoke, either from wood or sulfur.
Bananas sale made with the help of sodium bisulfite.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages of each. Making the sale of bananas with sodium bisulfite and sulfur fumes also can overcome the problems encountered in the manufacture of traditional sale with smoke. With the use of sodium and sulfur, bananas sale brighter colors, microbes can be overcome and discoloration can be prevented. This modern manufacture alkaline applied by industrial-scale banana sale businesses and households. Well, for those of you who want to enjoy bananas sale with family, traditional ways are also eligible to apply too!

Practical Ways to Make Banana Sale :

The ingredients needed in the manufacture of banana sale, among others:

Ripe bananas. Pay attention to skin that has yellowed. Type of bananas processed into banana sale, among others, gold bananas, bananas, and plantains, for fast decay. The amount is up to you.

Clean water.

Wheat flour, margarine, sugar and salt. This material is optional, because the dried bananas sale can directly be fried if you want.
Other ingredients are sodium bisulfite. It is also optional, you can use it or not. If you want, can be purchased in pharmacies. Usually in the form of powder packaging

Ripe banana skin opened and cleaned. Scratching the skin still attached to the meat banana. If left unchecked, could turn black banana flesh. Then split 1 banana into two equal parts. If you are using sodium bisulfite, before dried bananas can be soaked with a solution of a mixture of water and sodium bisulfite. Long immersion approximately 10 minutes. Then, remove and drain for 15 minutes. After that, stacking neatly in a container such winnowing and basking in the sun for approximately 5 days.

Once the water content is reduced, bananas already be captured and stored. When about to be consumed, can be instantly fried bananas sale. If you want to taste more delicious, can be fried with flour. The wheat dough in the form campurang wheat flour, rice flour. Ratio is 2: 1. Enter the sugar, salt and margarine taste. Add the water, make sure not too thin and too loud. Once ready, dip the bananas sale and then fried.

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