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Potato Donut Recipe

Potato Donut Recipe

Recipe Potato Donuts Special padded tongue and soft for ngecesss.Proses How to make cake donuts turned out various ways, practical. I am sure the reader will make the best of this by this. Because these recipes have been tested and have many readers who use it, just a little painstaking reader only and carefully follow the instructions step recipe that already exist here, certainly succeeded. as is well known that how to make donuts donuts are manifold including any materials in many varieties, this time "foodrecipes" using potatoes as a basic ingredient recipe preparation.
Before discussing the potato donuts recipe, In Indonesia there are many donuts that tastes good and is well known. how to make donuts while they certainly do in secret.

Donut main ingredients:

- 500 grams of flour yangg high protein (Chakra Twin) for example, 50 grams of milk powder, - brand any kind
- 11 grams of instant yeast (1 sachet)
- 200 grams of potatoes, - steamed, mashed (required blender) and refrigerate
- 100 grams of sugar sweet
- 4 chicken egg yolk
- 100 ml of cold water
- 75 grams of butter, - brand any kind
- 1/2 teaspoon salt

Procedures for making potato donuts :

- First Take container, mix the flour, sugar, milk powder, instant yeast and stir
- Then add the potatoes smooth, egg yolk and cold water, stir until blended.
- Then give butter and salt, stir again until elastic. let stand 15 minutes dough.
- Then Divide the dough donuts, each 50 grams, then round it off. Allow the dough is 20 minutes, until fluffy. (Usually for dividing and rounding the whole dough until exhausted takes 15-20 minutes, so once you round the last potato dough, you can directly heat the cooking oil for frying batter start first of all that has been rounded up earlier)
- After the holes in the dough this middle section, into a donut shape, quickly fry until cooked (golden yellow).
- Last Step remove and drain. Sprinkle sugar sweetened or garnish (topping) with chocolate. finished

matter of taste, potato donuts is much better than the usual donuts, donuts order for finer texture, you are required to use a blender tuk first potatoes soften. So much out of that Special Recipe Potato Doughnuts, readers may be inspired by our recipes.

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