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How to Make Tofu Pizza

Written By asri fahmi on Friday, 26 December 2014 | 01:30

This time I will make a recipe of pizza, but pizza this time using tofu as a main ingredient, oke, lest begin.

Recipes and Process How to Make Pizza The Delicious and Simple :

ingredients :

Tofu japan  (100 gr)
onion  (30 gr)
red peppers (20 gr)
green peppers (20 gr)
Sago flour / tapioca (10 gr)
Chicken Eggs (200 gr)
liquid milk (50 ml)
grated cheese (150 gr)
vegetarian broth (1 tablespoon)
margarine (30 gr)

How to Make Pizza Tofu The Tasty:

Step makes is kocokla eggs until frothy, then followed with a vegetarian broth, fresh milk and tapioca flour, koocok again until well blended with the beaten egg. Edible materials above using the stove with a small flame.
Furthermore, tumislah red and green peppers and onions and tofu with a separate skillet. After the sauteed ingredients cooked, fried eggs at No. 1 with margarine and tomato sauce. Pour ingredients over egg stir.
Cuisine Pizza Know ready to be served.

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