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Gravy Capcay Recipes

Gravy Capcay Recipes

Gravy Capcay Recipes - Special Gravy Recipe Capcay added vegetables. The fry should be, but this time how to make Chinese food that is given sauce, adjust the ingredients to your taste there meatballs or seafood input only. The air is good capcay this sauce want to know? and this is our secret. before discussing Recipes Capcay, a little info If you believe that a healthy body it must begin from a healthy diet anyway. Although the food was simple but if it is made of a material of choice will remain healthy and become special dishes for us. If when we make the food with pleasure, I guess it feels definitely enak. gravy Capcay is one of the dishes at the same healthy chinese food specials, because it consists of a wide variety of vegetables and can also be mixed chicken, meatballs and seafood.Nah for readers passing here or indeed were looking for recipes.

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How to make gravy Capcay

Special Gravy Recipe Capcay Simple Delicious Healthy
Capcay Gravy Recipe Recipes Capcay examples of gravy
Today admin presents capcay, is another variation of the simple capcay we've ever written, but you can just replace some components of food ingredients in this recipe as a complement gravy Capcay like meatballs, shrimp etc.
Information Capcay Gravy Recipe:
Time duration Total preparation time is ripe ripe tuk Portion
20 Minutes 10 Minutes 30 Minutes Serves 2

Ingredients Gravy Capcay 

4 pieces of baby corn, - clean and cut lengthwise
2 carrots, - cleaned and cut into thin round
Some Mushroom, - cleaned and cut
Some stem Chicory, - cleaned and cut
1/2 onion thinly sliced
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon butter
1 piece of chicken breast
Red chili taste, - (according to taste, spicy / no)
Wheat flour taste
Sufficient water


> 2 cm Ginger
> Moderation oyster sauce
> Moderation salt
> Moderation pepper powder

Procedures for making Gravy Capcay :

- First the Heat one cup of water, then enter the chicken breast and sliced ginger (made broth).
- If water into half a glass (shrink), turn off the heat and lift the chicken meat.
- Further Cut the chicken breasts and set aside.
- Then heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and add 1 tablespoon butter also.
- Now tumislah onion and mushroom, After smell fragrant, put chicken meat.
- Then insert the chicken broth and mix until evenly, if the broth is boiling, put sliced carrots and baby corn
- The next step season 2 tablespoons oyster sauce alone, pepper and salt to taste.
- Wait until the carrots and corn cooked, then enter the chicory.
- The final step larutkanlah wheat flour and pour slowly thicken broth tuk earlier. Last Slice peppers to decorate and flavor enhancer, finished capcay how to make our sauce.

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