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Bolu Chocolate Cake Recipe

Bolu Chocolate Cake Recipe

Recipes and How To Make Cake Bolu - Cake Bolu is one type of pastry or cake is often served during the welcome special days. Like birthday, Eid, weddings, and so on. Bolu cake shape and taste are diverse, ranging from chocolate Bolu cake, bolu cake marble and much more. Usually Bolu cake has a soft texture and soft, so it makes us become addicted to eat. Actually Bolu cake recipe and how to make it not difficult, you can try to make it yourself at home.

For those who want to know how to make a simple Bolu cake, please follow the following article will discuss about the recipe and how to make Bolu cake soft and tasty with how to cook it. For more details, please see the following article:

This is Bolu Chocolate Cake Recipe

ingredients Bolu Chocolate Cake Recipe :

- 200 grams of butter, melt over medium heat

- 100 grams of sugar

- 100 grams of wheat flour

- 50 grams of cocoa powder

- 10 grams 0valet / softener cake

- 5 chicken eggs

- Half cans of sweet condensed milk chocolate

- Strawberry jam to taste

How to Make Bolu Chocolate Cake Recipe :

Whisk the sugar, eggs and ovalet at high speed until fluffy. Then enter the flour, cocoa powder and condensed milk, stir it until blended.
Then enter the butter has melted, and stir again until blended. Then pour the mixture into a square baking pan that has been greased before.
Steamed over medium heat for 30 minutes or wait until cooked, remove and let cool.
Remove the cake from the mold, and then divide the cake into two parts with a flat. After that spread with strawberry jam on the bottom.
Cut the cake according to taste.
Steamed Bolu cake chocolate ready to serve.

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