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"Kuah Pliek U" Recipes

"Kuah Pliek U" Recipes

this food come from Aceh, Indonesia

From the name alone sounds strange to who have never tried cooking Aceh, for those who live outside the area and visited the house aceh aceh traditional meal may never tasted this dish, is famous Aceh Aceh noodle or coffee Ulee Kareng, but it is also typical dishes need my friend chose when setting foot in a restaurant in the city of Aceh friend all. This dish consists of several kinds of vegetables, but the main ingredients of this cuisine is pliek U itself. So .. U Pliek it what the heck?

"Pliek-u" is the remainder or residue of copra (coconut) oil has been squeezed which traditionally uses two pieces of pressed board with a large bolt. Communities in rural Aceh, until now there are still many traditional coconut processing to produce cooking oil called "minyeuk reutik." The waste is not disposed of, but dried back so that it becomes "pliek-u" black and secrete a distinctive aroma.

Well today I happen to cook gulee pliek U, other than wanting to introduce the typical cuisine of Aceh, I also wanted to share a recipe gravy tulips pliek U style kitchen, perhaps to buddies, especially the girl who is destined to be a man of Aceh can practice these dishes in the kitchen each . So my friend let's look at what materials are needed, cooking ngak complicated as long as all the necessary materials are available.

Main Ingredients:

Melinjo leaves (cut into small pieces)
fruit melinjo
Young jackfruit (cut into small pieces)
Long beans (cut into small pieces)
Green eggplant (cut into small pieces) \
Peanuts 100g (may be more)
Shrimp 100g (may be more)
3 stalks lemongrass (crushed ends)
1 ounce of green chili (thinly sliced​​, spicy taste that simply plus more)
20 pieces of orange leaves (thinly sliced​​), can be added according to taste.
5 spring onions (thinly sliced​​)
6 cups of coconut milk


6 onion
3 garlic
Segment ginger ½
1 tsp coriander
Vertebra turmeric ½
200 grams pliek u (soaked briefly in hot water)
6 dried red chili
3 pepper
(puree all ingredients above)

The process of making:

As usual start all work with intention and read bismillah, boiled young jackfruit, peanut shelf, green eggplant, betel nut and leaves about 8 minutes, then after that remove and drain, then input the spices that have been mashed together with green pepper slices , lime leaves, shallots into the vegetables, then input that has been crushed lemongrass, give salt to taste, do not forget to enter the last coconut milk and stir well so that the spices to infuse and then turn on the stove and cook about 20 minutes until Mantang.
Well when it's cooked, remove and serve into the plate. My friend can enjoy it with hot rice with salted fish his partner.

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