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3 Dimensions Juice

Written By asri fahmi on Saturday, 22 November 2014 | 10:07

you definitely surprised by the title of this one food recipe, why not? because of the title alone is strange, but take it easy, the ingredients and how to make it not as strange like title.

The following recipe from the juice of 3-dimensions :

4 pieces of carrot imports (regular carrots but the amount can be added)
2 apples Malang
2 pieces Tomatoes

How to Make:
Put all ingredients into a juicer / blender until it comes out the juice, and filtered, to 1 liter of juice, drink 2x a day.

  The juice is very good for fertility, so for the mothers and brilliant friend who is currently pregnant and waiting program baby, this 3-dimensional juice can be used as one method you can try ..
Consumption should be routinely well friend, a minimum of 4-5 months. Since this is a natural therapy, so it takes patience. i hope you can enjoying this juice, and to get healthy with this juice, please drink it twice for a day, have a nice day :)

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